Lands of Hope is a fantasy browser based MMORPG which takes place in the fictional lands of Myzan, a world with a long and trouble history which is currently in the midst of a terrible conflict.

The King has been removed from the throne by an act of treachery led by one of his closest friends and a band of nobles calling themselves the Society.

The old ruler and his loyal allies are forced into Exile but vow to return the rightful King to his throne, as the eyes and ears of Myzan focus on civil war an ancient threat returns.

Weary travellers tell tales of burnt out towns and ransacked villages, the dead walk again and all signs warn of the growing power of the once defeated Reapers !

Lands of Hope has thousands of graphics and a rich GUI that allows you access hundreds of features via a simple and intuitive menu system.

Some Features of Lands of Hope

Evolution based Profession and Race advancement allow you to evolve as you level up
Skill gain through skill use

Advanced Crafting Systems
  • Alchemy
  • Blacksmithing
  • Carpentry
  • Construction
  • Cooking
  • Dungeon Mastery
  • Furnishing
  • Inscription
  • Leatherworking
  • Patchcrafting (Expansion pack)
  • Stonemasonry
  • Tailoring
  • Tinkering
  • Traps (Profession Specific)

Up to 12 maps for a total of 120,000 tiles to explore

    Each map has an intended level range of 100 levels, with resource nodes and monster spawns and quests coded to suit the level range.
    Knotwood Valley - 1 to 100
    Sandydale - 100 to 200
    Riverscape - 200 to 300
    Barren Downs - 300 to 400
    Lakeview - 400 to 500
    Three Glaciers - 500 to 600
    Coldbreeze - 600 to 700
    Frostvale - 700 to 800
    Seven Sisters - 800 to 900
    Royal Hollow - 900 to 1000

Gathering Skills


Thousands of Quests with more being added as new realms are brought online.
Level limit of 1000

4 Allegiances to choose from.

    Neutral - Neutral
    Exiles - At war with the Society
    Society - At war with the Exiles
    Reapers - At war with Everyone

Sieging in LOH is conducted through a Turn Based System allowing the Building to fight back, such as fire arrows at you. This makes for a far more enjoyable sieging experience. Sieged Buildings remain the property of the sieging allegiance for no more than one hour before returning to the original allegiance.

Explore hidden areas and uncover lost places using the Exploration skill, this skill is needed to find trainers and other such NPCs. There are currently over 120 different buildings to explore.

Make your own player run guild and promote/demote members within it, setup custom titles, add a guild symbol and guild colors.

Make your own player groups to allow people to follow you and participate in group fights.

Player versus Player combat is entirely optional, you can partake in PvP fights with other players via the /pvp toggle, you can also turn PvP off if you dont feel like it by typing /pvp when you have it turned on. Saturday and Tuesday of every week are designated DaD Days (Death and Destruction) with experience and fame from PvP kills increased.

Pet and Minions
Players can own pets
- Profession specific skills to tame pets

    Beastmastery - Lets you tame Animals and Beasts
    Necromancy - Lets you tame undead things
    Myths and Legends - Lets you tame things such as Unicorns
    Demonology - Lets you tame Demons
    Druid Magic - Lets you tame Plants
    Slavemastery - Lets you tame Humanoids

Multiple Floor Buildings
Building Ownership
- Building Owners can customise a list of friends who can access the building.
- You can delete rooms
- Add Rooms using Construction Deeds - To any floor or location in a 50 * 50 grid (5 floors)
- Change the 3d preview image and 2d Map image for each room.

Rooms and Maps support layered images allowing for a far more realistic game environment.

Player Owned Vendors
Player Owned Tile/Land management

Over 500 hand drawn map and room tile images (bigger dimensions than the Fh1 map artwork)
Beautiful 3D rendered internal preview images for Rooms

Optional Sound Effects and Music

Advanced Ingame support systems

    Ingame Help System, featuring topics by players and staff.
    Ingame Suggestion System - Suggest features and have players and staff comment on them and also receive notification of when a feature you suggested is added.
    Ingame Bug Reporting

Advanced Chat Client with great features
Allows players to Link - some screens in the game have a Link button by pressing this button what you are looking at is sent to chat so all users in that chat room can click on the Link to view what it is your looking at.